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Data are the fuel for your digital engine but can present complex challenges

At the core of digital is the rapid, efficient, availability of data that supports interaction, transaction and interpretation.  Data are one of the core foundations for any digital project or business change process.​

As almost every part of today's business is affected by digital technology, data connectivity and integration are becoming critical components.  Understanding the value of your data by looking at its operational capture and use will help you visualise what you already have, what you need to do with it today and how you can use it to provide long lasting business value.

Start by looking at what you have now to provide insights into current business activity, looking for insight that helps you and your operational functions make better decisions.  Then apply best practice, standardisation of processes, analyse of data and use technology to make join data, removing silo views and activity so that it becomes a speedy enabler for your business. Integrating data as a flow instead of several silos allows quicker access, giving you a platform to operate more efficiently and develop faster.  

​Once you understand the lifecycle of data within your business you can analyse it to find out more about how your customers behave, how well your operations perform and to gain a more accurate commercial insight.  This approach also makes it more manageable to apply data governance standards such as cybersecurity and GDPR, removing the biggest challenge facing most business of controlling access to disparate data sets.​

To understand what data you currently have, how it is used and what opportunities there are you should consider:

  • Running a business data maturity assessment.
  • Develop a data strategy through a dedicated review, design and development process.
  • Develop a business operating data model that supports both your existing and future business.
  • Undertaking a corporate legislation and standards compliance evaluation – ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR.