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Connected technology has allowed many businesses to bring physical activity into their digital environment to create a fully integrated business model.  This gives them innovative operating environments, greater productivity and makes them more efficient.

Identify the best opportunities for using connected technologies by creating use cases, proof-of-concept strategies, detailed business cases, and development approaches that facilitate full-scale connected solutions. Look to connect the end to end process or lifecycle, being clear on what is achievable today for realisable benefits and what will take time to develop.

It helps to be technology agnostic and flexible; focusing on helping your functions and processes to become self-sufficient.  Once we have identified the initial solutions for your business, you will start to collect data and insight. This approach allows you to provide immediate benefits to operational processes while wider business and lifecycle management improvements are developed in parallel. 

To get started with IoT you should consider the following to help you understand what it is you want to monitor, how you want to present the outputs and who to:

  • Collaborative workshops and knowledge sharing of business process (avoiding the silo trap).
  • Consideration of other industries insight and analysis.
  • Review your business maturity through an assessment and audit.
  • Review your business process design and optimisation opportunities.