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Collinson Grant supported senior managers in creating a strategic sourcing function

For the past 60 years, the AWE name has been synonymous with science, engineering and technological excellence in support of the UK nuclear deterrent and nuclear security needs. AWE plays a crucial role in national defence by providing and maintaining the warheads carried by Royal Navy submarines. AWE is a centre of scientific, engineering and technological excellence and it has some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities. Its scientists, engineers, technical and business specialists are world renowned. AWE's unique expertise assists the UK Government in developing and delivering a range of innovative and integrated support services, including national nuclear security and counter-terrorism solutions.

Collinson Grant has worked with AWE for over 10 years on numerous process improvement projects across a range of functional areas such as HR, Procurement, IT, Finance, Production and Engineering. Our recent work with AWE's Supply Chain team has supported the development of organisational and cost efficiencies in the areas of construction and production and also in streamlining AWE's purchasing processes.

Collinson Grant acted in a consultancy basis to advise the Head of Supply Chain Management on establishing a Strategic Sourcing function to manage categories of expenditure and relationships with suppliers. We also supported the associated changes in processes. As a result of our work, AWE has been able to achieve significant economies over a 12-month period by bringing down operational costs at the same time as enhancing sustainability.

The Head of Supply Chain Management said:

"We have a very good and deep relationship with Collinson Grant. Working with them and drawing on their considerable experience helped us develop our thinking and make excellent progress. This work has already made a significant contribution to AWE's overall performance."