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Electrocomponents is an acknowledged leader in the marketing and high service distribution of components to a wide range of sectors in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, South East Asia, Australia and Japan. Annual turnover in 2011/12 was £1.2 billion and pre-tax profits were £95 million.

The company had invested in one of the most advanced automated warehouses in Europe and its Internet service has won awards for its innovative approach. Collinson Grant supported senior executives for five years. A team with skills in distribution, operations and marketing worked on numerous initiatives, including:

  • improving relations with customers
  • strengthening product management and pricing processes
  • reorganising salesforces
  • benchmarking performance against international competitors
  • designing and installing key performance indicators
  • contributing to the strategy for managing human resources

The challenge was to build on the company's strengths and win the commitment to improving such a successful international business.