05.06.2006 // Andrew Lansley, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

On the 5th June 2006 we held a dinner at the Royal Automobile Club in London with Andrew Lansley, Shadow Secretary of State for Health


Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer – Netcare Healthcare UK Limited

Ken Anderson, Commercial Director – Department of Health

John Belcher, Chief Executive – Anchor Trust

Jim Flaherty, Chief Executive – Cannon Capital Ventures Limited

Paul Greensmith, Chief Operating Officer – Priory Healthcare

Tony Heywood, Chief Executive Officer – Four Seasons Healthcare Limited

Fred Hucker, Chairman – South West Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust

Phil Isherwood, Managing Director – FINDEL plc

Geoff Lane, Director of Finance – Capio Healthcare UK Limited

Alan Mackay, Managing Director, European Buyouts – 3i Group plc

Paul Murphy, Chief Operating Officer – BMI Healthcare

Steve Parkin, Chief Executive – Green Corns Limited

Kent Phippen, Chief Executive – Aspen Capital Group Limited

Eric Ringwall, Vice-President and Managing Director – McKesson

Richard Steeves, Chief Executive – Synergy Healthcare plc

John Turk, Managing Director – Children’s Care Services – Care UK plc

Gen von Malachowski, Chief Executive – The Robinia Care Group Limited

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