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Most organisations are multi-faceted and complex – we help managers to construct a simpler view.

We’re an agile business with the ability to compete with leading consultancies on an international scale whilst remaining true to our values and principles. Whether restructuring complex businesses, turning around performance, improving efficiency or securing better returns, our consultants’ aim is to return ten times the value of their fee to clients.

Our work usually focuses on organisation, process, people and costs. We use this simple framework to manage complex assignments and to support managers on smaller, more focused projects. We help them:

  • to restructure and integrate, after acquisitions or to improve profits
  • to optimise costs. We make systematic analyses of overheads, direct costs, and the profitability of customers and products. This helps managers to understand complexity and take firm steps to reduce it
  • to improve the supply chain. We examine every process and contact to improve efficiency and service and reduce risk
  • to set up financial and managerial controls. We create robust systems to improve decision making and reduce risks
  • to refine business processes and introduce lean practices. We analyse and improve how work is done, and use new ways to create change and make it stick
  • to manage people. We advise on rewards, guide managers on employee relations and employment law, and help them get better performance from people or manage redundancy.
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