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Lean principles were first developed in manufacturing but have been used to boost performance in many other sectors.

Many of our consultants are experienced practitioners of both Lean and Six Sigma. We help managers learn how:

  • to understand and measure what the customer really wants (cost, quality, results et cetera)
  • to use mapping tools to optimise the value chain
  • to synchronise supply and demand
  • to create processes without unnecessary obstacles and delays
  • to eliminate wasteful activity and remove unnecessary variation that does not create value.

We work in small teams on specific projects, stressing the need to make decisions as close to the workplace as possible. We transfer knowledge and step back once employees have the skills and confidence to apply good practices to their day-to-day work.

In Sweden, we introduced a lean training programme in a leading manufacturer of cash handling equipment. We helped managers to find cost savings of 5% per year, and to reduce stocks and increase inventory turns.

We also applied lean manufacturing techniques in our work with managers in a building materials business in the United States. Training local managers in new analytical approaches helped to improve production and service to customers.


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