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Successful businesses focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of their day-to-day operations

How do customers get served? How do costs get controlled? How do supplies arrive on time? How do we ensure that we remain focused on doing things better?

‘Operations’ are the heart of every business – getting that bit right is the key to a sustainable company that makes attractive margins and has a chance to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Ours is a hands on approach. Our consultants have been line managers with operational responsibility for tough performance targets in diverse sectors. We work closely alongside our clients’ managers helping them to plan and implement the changes needed to optimise results. But there is always a danger in making changes in day-to-day operations. So we act carefully to ensure quality standards and customer commitments are not compromised while processes and working practices are being transformed.

We can design effective business processes in new operations, work on projects to improve existing programmes, work closely with the staff to train them in Lean and six sigma improvement techniques, or overhaul the approach to procurement. Our experience ranges from financial services to distribution businesses, process industries, the public sector and health and care services.

Managing productivity

How to get better returns from finite assets.

Client story

Learn more about improving transactional processes and reducing costs for a distributor of CCTV products.