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Good HR teams provide senior managers with support that helps to move the business forward, improve resilience and reduce costs.


Recruitment, selection and development

We help firms to plan effective recruitment exercises for junior, middle-ranking and senior staff. Often there are savings to be made in consolidating recruitment channels or engaging through social media. We offer a full suite of psychological assessment tools designed to match the profile for new recruits or potential promotions. They can also be used to identify and develop future leaders. Our interim managers provide support for temporary assignments.

Employee relations

We advise clients on how to handle collective and individual relationships with employees. Productivity is undoubtedly improved by good communication and by keeping the staff informed about the business, which is increasingly through social media.  We can negotiate with and consult union officials and other employee representatives on pay, organisational change and redundancy.

Reward: pay and benefits

We help managers to ensure that strategies for pay and benefits add value and make a positive contribution to the bottom line by:

  • developing grade structures or incentive schemes
  • carrying out job evaluation
  • benchmarking pay against the market
  • ensuring compliance with equal pay, gender pay and modern slavery legislation.

Performance management

Traditional performance management tools have often proved unsatisfactory. They focused on historic performance, took up time and needed considerable resources. We favour a more modern approach: shifting away from an annual appraisal with a forced ranking to continual discussion, with clear goals, aligned to corporate strategy and objectives.

HR strategy, organisation and performance

We help clients to develop an HR strategy by considering what the organisation is trying to achieve and clearly defining how people need to be managed to make this happen. The strategy takes in resourcing, learning and development, performance management, reward, employee relations and organisational culture. We apply our systematic HR Audit tool to review analytics, benchmark costs and assess operational performance. And to test the effectiveness of the HR team itself.


Our success is measured by yours

We look beyond the data. Beyond your culture. Every recommendation is based on a holistic view of your business. And we’ll help you implement the changes you need to grow.

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