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The aim of process improvement is to allow an organisation to do more with less, thus reducing its costs, making it more productive and improving its profitability and quality of service.

Many successful assignments have shown us the importance of getting better alignment of processes and structures, enabling people to work smarter not harder, and getting functional departments to cooperate more smoothly on such activities as new product introduction and sales and operations planning. People naturally elaborate work rather than simplify it. This creates waste which must be removed by improving processes. Collinson Grant's consultants have the knowledge and experience to see what needs to be done differently, and also the softer skills to overcome resistance and enlist the support of the people who have to make the changes work.

We use many techniques - Lean, Six Sigma, and analysis of process, activities and tasks - to determine the changes that can improve the way work is done. The basic goal is almost always the same, to achieve better financial results by increasing effectiveness, removing wasted effort and raising productivity to help cope with new, more challenging, circumstances.

Our Digital Audit provides a starting point for examining the real potential of DIGITAL technologies and how they can be applied throughout the business model.