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Our consultants have all managed businesses – they have been where you are, and they use that experience to understand your situation.

Our more complex assignments often begin with a quick assessment of where your business is today and our experience in many sectors, from aerospace to utilities, means we can identify what needs to be analysed in more detail.

A few solid principles have sustained us over the years:

  • to focus on our essential skills: restructuring and improving operations, to get the best out of people, processes and other assets, and to maximise profit
  • to employ only experienced line managers who have the practical knowledge to make pragmatic recommendations that will work and can be applied quickly
  • to offer a stable and reliable partner: our business has negligible staff turnover
  • to work collaboratively with clients. We expect them to match the effort we allocate to projects as this keeps the work on track, builds commitment, and accelerates the transfer of skills.
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