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Direct costs should reflect the business model.

To attack them, we carry out a systematic analysis of what work needs to be done, how long tasks should take, and how they should be managed. We use these data to develop a cost model and then devise and implement plans for improvements.

We also help managers to reduce costs by:

  • applying lean principles and Six Sigma
  • reviewing core, customer-serving processes
  • examining employment practices
  • getting better utilisation from technology
  • eliminating redundant operating sites and plant
  • managing procurement more efficiently
  • achieving the optimum organisational design.

We have been helping managers to recognise, measure and control costs for more than 50 years. Our expertise in reducing direct costs quickly and efficiently has been applied in many different sectors and markets.

Sometimes we are recommended to a company’s managers by its investors. Sometimes we are asked to act promptly to restore profitability after a change in market conditions or other unexpected event.

We have applied the analytical principles of ‘economy, efficiency and effectiveness’ – which have saved many millions of pounds in the private sector – at public sector organisations needing to cut costs, streamline managerial structures and shed redundant activities.

We have helped some of the largest government departments to improve decision-making, get a better understanding of costs, and become leaner and fitter. In smaller public bodies and local authorities, we have helped managers to restructure their organisations and implement radical change.


Our success is measured by yours

We look beyond the data. Beyond your culture. Every recommendation is based on a holistic view of your business. And we’ll help you implement the changes you need to grow.

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