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An objective and appropriate methodology for assessment improves decision making, reduces risk and increases confidence in the selection process.

Collinson Grant has been using various forms of psychological assessments to support clients for more than 30 years.

Assessments carried out by our chartered psychologists are instrumental at every stage in an employee's life cycle: selection, development, promotion, and departure.

Psychological assessments use systematic and standardised procedures to measure differences in individual characteristics such as intelligence and personality. They provide a greater understanding of potential and current employees. They help to predict, objectively and fairly, how successful they will be in a job. They are used in some form by 70% of employers. There is a huge range of tests on the market.

Testing falls into two principal categories: ability (where there is a right answer) and personality (no right answer). Some personality tests are not suitable for recruitment but are used for coaching. Some assess motivation and values.

Assessments can provide information on:

  • intellectual functioning
  • personality and vocational interests
  • managerial aptitude, such as decision making, numerical ability, leadership and skills in communication
  • developmental needs.

We offer group assessments as part of the recruitment process or to help clients measure the progress of their graduate trainees.  See our case study on the successful application of psychological assessments.

Client story

Developing a bespoke assessment framework to support difficult restructuring and development decisions for Findel plc.

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