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We provide the highest calibre interim experts to businesses throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.


Why use an interim manager?

Value: a flexible resource for targeted support.  A short-term cost without a fixed overhead offering a choice of availability, hours, location and skills.

Results: professional interims don’t wait for the ‘honeymoon period’ to be over. They focus on the assignment goals, achieving results to a deadline.

Experience: often ‘over qualified’, they have years of specialist knowledge in their field, ensuring efficient and effective project delivery.

Objectivity: interim managers are independent and so have a unique ability to give you unbiased advice, they have no axe to grind.

When would you use an interim manager?

Crisis management: every organisation faces challenges. Those organisations that survive and thrive are the ones that recognise when a challenge is becoming a crisis that is beyond their experience or capability. Whether it is a failing service or business, a good leader knows when they need to bring in expertise to weather the storm. A professional interim manager can tackle failing contracts, poor commercial relationships with suppliers, or a raft of employee relations difficulties that are damaging your employer brand. Whatever the crisis, our expert interim managers can help you navigate it.

Gap management: an inevitable event in business is the loss of an executive. Whether the absence is sudden, such as resignation, termination or ill health, or foreseen, such as maternity or paternity leave or a sabbatical, organisations often struggle to find the specialist skills needed to bridge the gap. Rather than rush a permanent appointment, we provide a safe pair of hands whilst you focus on recruiting a replacement, or until the executive returns to your organisation.

Planning for change: effective and sustainable change is created by a project team that comprises an organisation’s own people working with the management consultants. This requires significant investment in the time of employees who are seconded to the programme, and asking them to split their time between business as usual activity and a change programme will guarantee neither is done well. We can supply an interim manager who can take care of the business as usual activity and allow your executive to focus on achieving a transformational change programme.


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