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Helping clients to integrate and restructure acquisitions in many parts of the world.


It is important to agree on the right method – from diagnosis through programme planning to design and implementation.

To do this, we:

  • clarify responsibilities
  • apply appropriate control
  • tell the employees what is going to change
  • rationalise products, locations and services
  • pick people for vital jobs
  • set up better processes or systems
  • manage redundancy.

We work in small teams with the client’s staff. We help them to collect data on inputs, processes and costs and to analyse them to make an accurate model of the organisation showing how costs relate to outputs. Options for a new structure are developed, costed and debated. When consensus is reached, a comprehensive plan is designed to get from A to B. We help to implement it. If employees – senior and junior – are leaving, we can manage the programme of communication, consultation and redundancy.

Business integration framework parts 1-7

Our business integration framework can be used as a step-by-step method and also as a source of tools and templates that can be configured to meet a specific need.

It is intended to encourage the design of a programme that is comprehensive, logical, and tailored to the size and circumstances of the situation.

A business integration starts as a vision and ends in a functioning entity. The framework describes the process from the beginning, through to the establishment of a ‘steady state’ operation after the completion of integration. The emphasis of the framework is on preparing, planning, and implementing business integration.


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