Organisational improvements and cost controls for an international manufacturing group.

Collinson Grant has supported Rolls-Royce for over twenty years on global projects to help managers reduce costs and use resources more efficiently.

Rolls-Royce manages a world-wide business in highly competitive markets, providing power systems for land, sea and air. It is a technical leader and a pre-eminent supplier in the world’s markets for civil aero-engines, a major supplier of aero-defence equipment and support, and has increasing sales of derivative technologies to the marine propulsion and energy sectors.

The company employs more than 40,000 people in forty-eight countries. Collinson Grant has been supporting senior managers throughout the business for more than fifteen years.

To sustain and improve performance in rapidly-changing markets demands rigorous attention to detail, a willingness to innovate, and the ability to provide excellent products at competitive prices. An organisation with such large operational units has to give the closest attention to lean, world-class processes and precise managerial controls. Collinson Grant has helped managers:

  • to measure and improve the cost-effective use of resources, particularly manpower to review and improve organisational structures which release the potential of engineering designs
  • to use Process Activity Analysis to generate robust data in order to reduce overheads substantially
  • to design and introduce more efficient processes
  • to pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies and to cut duplication and waste
  • to establish controls on cost and performance through internal transfer pricing.

Our work throughout Rolls-Royce’s various operating divisions has generated cost savings that now comfortably exceed £100 million annually.

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