Balfour Beatty

Enabling a rapid start and productive execution of a complex engineering project with hands-on and practical support.

Balfour Beatty (BB), the international infrastructure group, was contracted by ElecLink Limited to install a 65km electricity cable through the Channel Tunnel.  The interconnector, which provides enough energy to power more than 1.65 million  households, is the world’s first installation of a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnector in a live rail tunnel environment.

Collinson Grant partnered with BB to provide practical support to ‘fast track’ its mobilisation and then assure productivity and performance during the main phase of work.  Key was the effective combination of Collinson Grant’s and Balfour Beatty’s skill sets (different and complimentary, not duplicated).  Our work included:

  • Quality standards defined and agreed (SOPs).
  • Tooling and work stations specified.
  • Preventative systems installed to prevent cable damage.
  • Coaching of line leaders (formal and informal) to implement performance improvements.
  • Early warning management system which increased control and avoided negative programme impacts.
  • Identifying automation and upgraded tooling which improved the working environment, and enabled the line to run with fewer people and more safely.
  • Adding bandwidth to the management at times of risk and stress.
  • Performance improvement – increasing the ‘comfortable’ top speed of the process and reducing the number of shifts required.

The project was very successful with BB completing the work ahead of schedule.

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