Findel long-term support

Our work with Findel has demonstrated the value of getting to know a business well and earning the trust of its managers.

Collinson Grant began its relationship with the former Fine Art Developments in the early 1970s.  We are still helping the company’s directors to sustain and improve performance.

Findel is a diversified group.  It has interests in home shopping and educational toys and supplies.  Its well known brands include Express Gifts, Premier Educational Supplies, James Galt and Hope Education.  It has solid shares in a number of markets.  The company has provided each of its divisions with a strong IT platform to promote e-commerce and to offer web-based services to third parties.

Our work has concentrated on assisting managers in the day-to-day management of people.  We have reviewed working practices and their associated costs, ensured that the company complies with relevant employment legislation, and helped to sustain good employee relations.  As the business has evolved, we have also helped to develop organisational procedures and controls, improve warehousing facilities and appraise subsidiaries.  We also assisted in the sale of a subsidiary business in France.  Most recently, we have been supporting the directors in a fundamental reorganisation of Findel Education.  It involves the rationalisation of a number of sites, the adoption of common IT operating systems and the introduction of harmonised working practices.

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