Jaguar Land Rover

Category management training.

Category management seeks to optimise the procurement approach for distinct groups of similar or related products purchased by an organisation.

Jaguar Land Rover requested Collinson Grant to facilitate its Category Management Masterclass training programme.

This covers a range of technical procurement content including:

  • category profiling
  • supply market dynamics
  • project baselining and structuring
  • finance for buyers and cost analysis techniques
  • opportunity identification
  • structured problem solving
  • idea generation
  • negotiating in high pressure environments.

This technical content is complemented by a range of more generic, behaviourally focused topics including:

  • change management
  • personality types and preferences
  • stakeholder management
  • workshop facilitation
  • presentation and story lining techniques.

The topics are introduced through a variety of approaches including classroom-based teaching and reflection, a case study that is used throughout the programme and activity-based learning.  In parallel each cohort is split into a number of smaller teams that work on a real, live purchasing issue – identified before commencement of the training – with a view to achieving a tangible outcome by the end of the programme.

Each wave of this programme is attended by up to 24 participants and comprises four modules, each of which involves two days of training followed by three days of project work.  Attendees are nominated by senior management and the course is supported strongly by Jaguar Land Rover’s Purchasing leaders.

Each project team is mentored by Collinson Grant in how to apply relevant tools and techniques covered within the programme.  Each course is supervised by two facilitators, whose mentoring is supplemented by the involvement of various specialists for aspects of the content.

Collinson Grant has run five waves of the training programme course and has received a net promoter score of 95%.

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