Private Equity

Our staff with a client at Northgate Vehicle Hire

Managing companies in difficult situations – on behalf or Private Equity owners

Investments don’t govern themselves; active ownership is the answer.

Collinson Grant has been working with private equity for more than thirty years. There are few professional services companies with both the broad range of skills and the track record to provide tailored solutions for private equity investments.

We have the specialist managerial, recruitment, consultancy and legal skills to complete thorough initial analyses, plan radical actions and then to implement a holistic overhaul of a company.  We take full executive control, make key appointments to manage and direct the business, improve performance rapidly with focused consultancy – in a way that a new CEO could never manage on his or her own.

Our experience and resources allow us to provide a package of four supporting pillars to improve results in the investment:

  • Strategic direction and control – we can place two to three senior colleagues, each with established, successful backgrounds as interim managers, in key executive positions
  • Focused improvement projects – our consultancy team leads specific projects targeted at growing sales, reducing costs, and implementing organisational change
  • Recruitment – we can source and place dynamic new managers into the business, to replace our interims, once the required changes have been implemented
  • Legal and human resources – where relevant, we would handle redundancy programmes, revise terms and conditions of employment and introduce more effective HR processes.


You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.

Mahatma Gandhi


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