Collinson Grant worked with senior executives to develop a target operating model and align business transformation with a programme of investment to upgrade core enterprise systems

Synthomer is a global supplier of speciality polymers, holding leadership positions in a number of market segments. Operating from 33 sites in 18 countries, it employs more than 3,000 people. Growth through acquisition had left the business with a variety of legacy ERP systems and a corresponding lack of alignment in working practices.

Significant investment was earmarked for a technology transformation programme to standardise systems, digitalise processes, facilitate standardised and more joined-up reporting and deliver ambitiously targeted efficiencies. Collinson Grant was asked to support the transformation process.

Initial analysis revealed a divergence between the scope and target benefits of the technology transformation programme and the associated business transformation plans.

Collinson Grant supported the development of a target operating model, defining the principles of the new organisational design and identifying opportunities to simplify or automate processes, create greater alignment, drive productivity and eliminate non-value adding activities and outputs. In particular, work to define authority, accountability and responsibility highlighted fundamental structural reform that could drive efficiencies and greater alignment.

Further, building greater alignment between business transformation strategy and the technology transformation objectives and implementation enabled further opportunities for efficiencies and productivity gains to be identified, including with regard to resourcing. Collinson Grant identified new areas for right-shoring within existing operations – to transfer and consolidate particular tasks in lower wage locations – worth up to £10.9 million, which could be actioned ahead of any headcount reductions resulting from the technology transformation and process improvements. This enabled the business to realise savings faster and without being contingent on the project delivery.

Collinson Grant supported the Transformation Director, feeding into the senior leadership team throughout the programme, and providing a structure for informed decision making based on our recommendations. Our relationship with Synthomer continues and may result in further work as acquisitions are integrated into the target operating model and the business and technology transformation programmes.

Chris Cowell, Transformation Director, said: “While we had clear objectives for our technology transformation programme, the work of Collinson Grant to define a target operating model and develop the resulting business transformation strategy in alignment with our technology goals underwrote our ability to achieve maximum benefits and returns from the technology transformation programme.”

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