Why use Interim Managers? – Skills and performance

Why use Interim Managers?

Value for money: A flexible resource that provides targeted support where and when it is needed.

Availability: Interim managers are available immediately. We aim to provide you with an Interim Manager within one working week.

Immediate results: Our candidate will start to achieve results immediately, rather than waiting for his/her ‘honeymoon period’ to be over.

Experience: Seasoned senior managers with in-depth expertise and well-honed skills.

Objectivity: They tell you what you need to hear – not what you want to hear.

Plugging the gap

Sudden unexpected demand, planning for change, hard-to-fill senior jobs, or managing a crisis – a good Interim Manager can resolve many business dilemmas. But it is not easy to find the right person to fill a short-term managerial gap. Collinson Grant provides the highest calibre help to medium and large organisations throughout the private and public sectors.

Our Interim Managers help in three main ways:

Crisis management

Every organisation faces challenges. Those organisations that survive and thrive are the ones that recognise when a challenge is becoming a crisis that is beyond the experience or capability of their management teams to solve. Whether it is a failing service or business, a clear thinking leader knows when they need to bring in additional expertise to their management team to weather the storm. It might be expertise to resolve a failing contract or worsening commercial relationships with suppliers, or a raft of employee relations issues that are damaging your employer brand. Whatever the crisis, Collinson Grant will be able to introduce an Interim Manager who can help you navigate your way through it.

Gap management

It is an inevitable part of business life that executives often leave or spend time out of an organisation at inconvenient times. Whether the absence is sudden, such as resignation, termination or ill health, or can be better planned, such as maternity or paternity leave or a sabbatical, organisations often struggle to find someone with the specialist skills who can bridge the gap. Rather than make a rash permanent appointment, you can use one of our Interim Managers. They provide respite either whilst a permanent replacement is appointed, or for the time that an executive is out of your organisation.

Planning for change

Many organisations make the mistake of outsourcing organisational change and project management wholesale to Interim Managers or Management Consultancies. In our view change can only be achieved effectively and sustainably by creating a project team comprising an organisations’ own people who work alongside our management consultants. This requires a significant investment in time from those employees seconded to the programme, and to expect an executive to achieve both their business as usual activity and a change programme will guarantee neither is done well. We can supply an Interim Manager to do the business as usual activity, and allow your executive to focus on achieving a transformational change programme.

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