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Our consultancy experience covers clients in continental Europe, North America and further afield  

We have helped their managers in assignments to restructure businesses, improve productivity, reduce costs and manage people better. Doing things in different countries always presents new challenges. We work hard to understand cultural differences and ensure that they contribute to rather than obstruct managerial objectives.

Our consultants can harness the capabilities of multi-national management teams to achieve outstanding results in demanding situations. They are supported by an administrative group able to work fluently in French and German.

For example, see these case studies for a taste of what we do outside the UK:

  • Belgium – balancing manufacturing capacity
  • France – improving profitability, interim management and restructuring
  • Germany – due diligence, improving operations, relocation and reducing costs
  • Hong Kong – matching costs to demand and improving the supply chain
  • Italy – creating a manufacturing strategy, HR due diligence
  • Netherlands – integrating European subsidiaries
  • North America – restructuring and operational controls
  • Poland – reducing complexity in manufacturing
  • Scandinavia – restructuring and reducing costs
  • South Africa – analysing costs and improving productivity.

Collinson Grant has proven skills in working with clients to restructure and improve the organisational effectiveness of pan-European businesses.